Friday, November 24, 2006


CASINO ROYALE: Legendary super-spy James Bond (played for the first time by Daniel Craig) gets his humble (and by humble I mean incredibly ego-centric) beginnings in this prequel to the 007 series. On his first mission, Bond must beat a terrorist's money-man (Mads Mikkelsen) at a high stakes game of poker.

This is one of the best James Bond films made to date. It’s a very different kind of Bond... A hard, cold, realistic one. There are no crazy gadgets this time around… just guns and cell phones. Daniel Craig is fantastic as 007, and of all the guys to play this role, he is probably the most believable as an actual spy. Eva Green is also the best Bond girl to come along in quite some time… aside from being a beautiful face, her character feels full, emotional, and complex. CASINO ROYALE also features some great action sequences, which are handled with a kind of brutality and grittiness that's new to the Bond series.

Whether you're a fan of 007, or just looking to see a good action movie... this one is definitely worth catching in theaters!

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